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Riyadhus Shalihin Imam An-Nawawi (Kitab Bahasa Arab dan Terjemahnya) ~ sekolahmuonline.com

Riyadhus Shalihin Imam An-Nawawi (Kitab Bahasa Arab dan Terjemahnya) ~ sekolahmuonline.com. Riyadhus Shalihin (رياض الصالحين) is the name of one of the books collection of hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, which means garden righteous people, compiled by Imam Abu Zakariya Yahya bin Syaraf bin Hasan bin Husain An-Nawawi Ad-Dimasyqiy (Imam Nawawi).

Buku Riyadhus Shalihin banyak disyarah oleh para ulama. Di antara ulama yang mensyarah adalah Syaikh [Muhammad bin Shalih al-Utsaimin] dengan buku dia yang berjudul Syarhu Riyadhis Shalihin

Book Riyadhus Shalihin have the privilege, namely:

First, what it implies that includes guidance that can organize and nurture the soul and bring forth a great strength for ornate with worship the objectives of the creation of the soul and drove him to the happiness and goodness, because this book generally include Targheeb and Tarheeb and needs a Muslim in the case religion, world and the afterlife. This book is a book tarbiyah (coaching) are both touching a variety of aspects of life of individual (personal) and social community with uslub (exposure means) which is again clear that can be understood by the specialized and lay.

In this book the authors take the material from the books of Sunnah reliable as Saheeh al-Bukhoriy, Muslim, Abu Dawud, An Nasaa'i, At Tirmidziy, Ibn Majah and others. He promised not to enter into this book unless hadiths shohih and he also fulfilled so as not obtained a weak hadith except a little of it was the possibility of the view and knowledge he is shohih.

Second, the high scientific position held Riyadhush Shalihin author is among the scholars of his time because of the breadth of knowledge and depth of his understanding of the Sunnah of the Prophet.

The book consists of 17 books, 265 chapters and 1897 hadith, he opened the majority of chapters citing verses from the Al-Quran in accordance with the discussion of hadith there and create an orderly and chapters are interconnected so that the book can beat any other kind of books similar to it.

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