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5 Best Tourist Places In Temanggung ~ sekolahmuonline.com

5 Best Tourist Places In Temanggung ~ sekolahmuonline.com. Hi guys, have you ever been to the Temanggung, Indonesia? If you haven’t, it’s time you think about taking a trip now because the city is home to a lot of beautiful places.
Best Tourist Places In Temanggung
In fact, hard to choose a sentence to describe the beauty of the best tourist places in Temanggung. These places are brimming with the beauty of two mountains side by side and tourist spots on the slopes, serene villages, the plants around the trip are full of tobacco if it comes in August - September, and more, which only means that there are multiple excuses for you to invite your family, relatives, or friends, to pack your bags and head for a tour!

But before you start planning a tour, this list of 5 top tourist places in Temanggung, which are absolutely worth exploring:

5 Best Tourist Places In Temanggung Indonesia

There are numerous places in Temanggung Indonesia the city of Central Java Province. However, when looking for some of the best tourist places in Temanggung Indonesia, you can use this list below and choose the best for your next trip. These Temanggung tourist places won’t disappoint you.

1. Mount Sindoro and Sumbing

These two mountains are located side by side. Even when we travel from Temanggung to Wonosobo, then at a certain height we will really feel the sensation of walking in the middle of the road flanked by these two mountains.

For those of you who like to climb mountains, there is nothing wrong with trying to climb these two mountains. On certain days, thousands of mountaineers come from various cities to climb the two mountains. Like when the night of 1 Suro (Night of the 1st Hijriyah)

2. Jumprit Temanggung Nature Tourism

The next natural tourist spot in Temanggung is jumprit nature tourism which is also a historical tourist spot. The location or address for jumprit tourism is in Kec. Ngadirejo.

If you visit this place, you will be presented with views of lush trees and holy springs. The water from the spring is usually used for the traditional Vesak ceremony which is brought from the Borobudur temple to the Mendhut temple in Magelang.

In addition, in this place there are also many monkeys that roam. And for those of you who carry luggage such as bags and others, please always take care of your belongings because the monkeys in this place are sometimes ignorant by taking tourist belongings.

3. Nature Tourism Posong

Temanggung also does not want to be outdone by the natural tourism of Kopeng Salatiga, which has exotic mountain views. Well, to be precise, Posong Temanggung nature tourism, this place is in the middle of two mountains, namely Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing.

This Posong natural tourism presents a unique view of the mountains that are so beautiful, if you visit the place you can enjoy a beautiful expanse of tobacco gardens. And if in the afternoon, the sunset from that place looks so perfect. In this place, a gazebo is also provided for you to rest while enjoying the cool mountain air. This place is located in the border area between Wonosobo and Temanggung.

4. Sunrise at Sewu Ngadirejo Nature Tourism

In addition to Posong, Temanggung also has a sunrise spot that is no less beautiful. Namely Sewu Nature Tourism which is located in Ngadirejo sub-district, Temanggung. Here you can see the sunrise from the stage. The scenery is even more beautiful with the many mountains that can be seen from this location.

5. Curug Muncar

For the location of Curug Muncar itself, it is located in Muncar Village, Gemawang District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java. Muncar village which is located in Gemawang sub-district itself is the outermost sub-district in Temanggung which is directly adjacent to Semarang Regency. And from the center to Temanggung it can take about 45 minutes using a motorized vehicle.

Those are some tourist destinations that Sekolahmuonline recommends to visit when you visit Temanggung. Actually there are many other tourist destinations that you should visit too. Next time, hopefully this article can be updated. So that we can present other tourist destinations in Temanggung to you.
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